Meet Asaph. Part of Red Army Watches since 2012 – first on the retail team and now on the marketing team, Asaph exudes a quiet and unassuming air. And it is precisely this that gets your attention when you first know him. Since Asaph started working in the watch industry and furthered his understanding about watches, his taste and preference in timepieces have changed. “I realize a 45mm dive watch is never going to suit my wrist, no matter how good the watch looks,” says Asaph. Goes to show size does matter – for watches at least.

"Don’t be afraid to get lost.

That’s how you discover new places."

On the personal front, Asaph has been juggling both work and studies and is finally on the last leg of his undergraduate program. “It’s tough trying to balance both work and studies. There are definitely sacrifices to be made. Come June, when this balancing act is out of the way, perhaps I’ll go on a well-deserved vacation, try to reignite my passion for reading, and do more cooking!”

A little-known fact about Asaph is the immense pleasure he derives from cooking. Whether he is cooking for his family, friends or even just himself, he finds the process of cooking thoroughly enjoyable. “I relish cooking most when it’s spontaneous and mixed with creativity, imagination and fun.”

Now that you’ve met (virtually, at least…) the person, let’s find out more from Asaph about the watch on his wrist.

What watch are you wearing?

I’m wearing an NBY (No Barrier Yaëger) ILS. It’s my everyday watch, and I do mean everyday. I’ve been wearing it everyday for close to 3 years running. The only time I’m not wearing it is when I’m in the shower, sleeping, doing sports or the odd day I leave home without it.

Why the NBY ILS?

It’s the tool watch with the right dimensions for my small wrist. A German made watch powered by a Sellita SW200 topped off with a sapphire crystal is not a bad thing either.

The thing you like most about your watch?

I like how the colour of the date wheel matches the watch dial. It may be a very minor detail but it is often overlooked by many watch brands.

I also like how my watch is all scratched up; there’s a certain charm about it. It gives the watch character. I can’t wait to see how the watch will turn out 5 years down the road.

Bracelet, Leather Strap or NATO?

Leather NATO :)

Quality is  …?

A word often thrown around loosely these days, sadly.

Deal-breakers when it comes to watches?

Watch diameter. 40mm is the maximum.

Watches aside, what are you most into at the moment?

Sneakers, but I’m not classifying myself a sneakerhead!

What would an ideal Saturday evening be like?

Enjoying an ice-cold beer with good company on a windy Saturday evening, with the setting sun as a backdrop.

A quote you live by?

Don’t be afraid to get lost. That’s how you discover new places.