Imagine being able to gain an exclusive view into the inner workings of the human body. Perhaps what first comes to mind is potential gore but more likely than not, your curiousity would be piqued by this experience.

A watch’s open case back offers precisely that: an opportunity to satisfy this curiousity by allowing a peek into the mechanical wonderland that works harmoniously to record and track this entity we call time. The viewing experience offered by an open case back is immense; from observing how the little gears and levers work to showcasing different forms of decorations that watch manufacturers painstakingly apply by hand on the watch movements.

Today, we will take a closer look at two automatic and hand-winding watches.

Itay Noy X-Ray

The Itay Noy X-Ray displays an X-ray view of the frozen mechanism. It features motifs of technical drawings based on the hand-winding Unitas movement found inside the watch. The watch dial is then hand painted by Itay Noy with enamel.

Itay Noy chose to keep the decorations on the movement minimal to strike a visual balance between the intricacies of the painted watch dial and the watch movement. The movement is still beautifully decorated with Cotes de Genève and perlage.

Schaumburg Unikatorium Art 15

The Schaumburg Unikatorium combines the ideals of artful handcrafting and elegance. Produced in very limited quantities each year, the movement of the Schaumburg Unikatorium is ornately skeletonised, leaving behind the essential portions of the movement. It is then finely engraved and polished.

The upper half of the movement making up the watch dial is rhodium plated while the bottom half is gold plated. The final result is a spectacular masterpiece when viewed from the front and back.

Junkers Eisvogel

The Junkers Eisvogel is a new collection from German watch manufacturer, Junkers. The Eisvogel is simple but tastefully executed in terms of design, colour and size. It features a subsidiary small seconds hand and a date window.

The decorations of the Sellita SW290 inside the watch are more industrial than ornate when compared to the three other watches showcased.

Alexander Shorokhoff Fedor Chronograph

The Alexander Shorokhoff Fedor Chronograph is part of Alexander Shorokhoff’s Heritage collection. The movements of the watches are finished to the highest degree. The Fedor Chronograph features an automatic chronograph and a power reserve indicator.

Flipping the watch around, the intricacies of the engravings immediately strikes you. The individual components are engraved and polished before the assembly of the movement. You can just imagine the amount of time and effort the watchmaker has dedicated to the crafting of the watch.