With Mother’s Day less than a week away, many might wonder what’s the best gift for that special lady in our lives? Fatima was quick to share with us her recommendations for Mother’s Day and what Mother’s Day means to her.

“The first watch I selected is the March LA.B AM59 Auto Empire. Though the design of the watch is simple, it is classic and timeless. The combination of gold and silver colours of the watch is elegant and gives the watch a touch of femininity. Apart from these reasons, this watch also caught my eye as an obvious gift for Mum as it’s a watch that my mum will love.” 

“The other watch I’d pick as a Mother’s Day gift is the Zeppelin Princess of the Sky. The watch is modern and fashionable looking, a total opposite compared to the March LA.B. Interestingly, the Princess of the Sky can be converted into a necklace by replacing the straps with a chain.”

What does Mother’s Day mean to you?

It’s the day I show my appreciation for all the hard work Mama has and continues to put in. Being caught up in the daily grind often means that we tend to take our mothers for granted. For me, being away from home does mean that I appreciate Mum more; at the same time, Mother’s Day serves as an extra special reminder to thank Mum – something we should do every day actually! 

How would a Mother’s Day celebration be like for your family?

We will dine out for dinner together as a family. I’ll be sending Mama a bouquet of flowers this year, as I won’t have the opportunity to be by her side. She likes flowers.

Do you have any last words for all the mothers out there?

To all mothers out there, I salute you for the countless sacrifices you have made, your selflessness and above all, your unconditional love. As a lady myself, I have come to understand you don’t necessarily need to have an offspring to be a mother. A lady is able to assume maternal responsibilities to the ones she loves and cares for.