Over the course of the next few months, we will be revisiting the background of brands that we carry.  This mini series aims to give readers a brief insight into the brand history and design inspirations of key collections.

Kicking off the series are Zeppelin and Junkers under the Point Tec Group 

Point Tec 

Based in the picturesque village of Ismaning, Munich, Point Tec was founded by Wilhelm Birk in 1987.

In a short span of 28 years, Point Tec has established itself as one of the largest watch manufacturers in Germany. Its annual production tips the scale at 150,000 watches. 

Point Tec watches are proud to bear the tag “Made in Germany” with a focus on timeless watch designs mixed with traditional craftsmanship and technical sophistication. The result? Uniquely designed watches with an excellent price/performance ratio built with the highest product quality.

At Red Army Watches, we are proud to carry two of PointTec’s key brands: Junkers and Zeppelin. 


Pilot watches with a twist – that is what Junkers watches are all about. A combination of military and utilitarian aesthetics, the Junkers brand draws inspiration from German engineer, Hugo Junkers (1859 – 1935), and his work.

Brand Highlights

The Iron Annie is perhaps the most significant design in the brand’s stable of models. The uniquely constructed dial mimics the corrugated sheet body of the legendary Junkers aeroplanes, accurately capturing the charm of the aeroplanes. What better way to pay tribute to the Junkers JU52?

The minimalistic styling of the Junkers Bauhaus represented Hugo Junkers’ love for the Bauhaus movement, which was evident in the aesthetics of his aeroplanes. Hugo played an important role in moving the famed Bauhaus Institute from Weimar to Dessau in 1925. Free from extraneous distractions, the watches are elegant enough to be used as a dress watch, yet simple enough to be an everyday watch.

The Hugo Junkers collection is a tribute to the man himself, commemorating the 150th anniversary of Hugo Junkers. The series is a representation of the pioneering spirit, innovation and enduring values Hugo Junkers demonstrated. The collection sees Pilot watches given subtle tweaks in aesthetics and design. Finely finished watchcases paired with domed crystals, powered by high quality movements – regardless of quartz or mechanical – are used in this collection. The results are watches made to the highest quality with the technical prowess for the modern watch wearer to take on the world with confidence.


Inspired by the pioneering spirit of aeronautics engineer Ferdinand Graf von Zeppelin (1838 – 1917), Zeppelin watches are produced to mimic the innovations of the brand’s namesake. A strong dedication to detail and quality saw the brand slowly rising up the ranks to where it is today. 

Brand Highlights

The 100 Jahre Zeppelin pays tribute to the significant feat of 100 airships being built between the year 1900 and 1938. The collection is a combination of classic, elegant elements mixed with modern accents. Created to the exact same standards as the Hugo Junkers collection, the 100 Jahre Zeppelin incorporates some of the finest movements and materials at Point Tec’s disposal into the collection.

The Flatline distinguishes itself from the other vintage or retro styled Zeppelin collections by being the ultra modern collection. Recently updated in 2015, the Flatline features sleek and slim cases, paired with monochromatic hues that will surely appeal to the younger generation of watch lovers. 

LZ129 Hindenburg is named after the German commercial passenger carrying airship. Both airship and watch share a similar trait: a unique shape, unlike any other. The double domed shape of the watch, with its retro styling of the dial made the collection an instant hit.