With Father’s Day just around the corner, let us take some time to appreciate the good work of all fathers. To celebrate, we have specially curated a selection of watches for Dad. 

Dad means different things to each of us. To some, he is the superhero in our lives; to others, the disciplinarian who keeps us in line; or the wisest teacher we will ever have; and the list goes on. Dad is also someone we turn to for advice; and how wise a father’s words are when he says: “Drive German; dress Italian; kiss French. Above all, make a statement. And if you must, drink Scotch.”

It is with these dictums in mind that we have come up with our gift suggestions for Dad. Find these at our Father’s Day Gift Shop.

“Drive German.”

If there’s one thing the Germans are lauded for, it definitely is for engineering and precision that goes along with it. The next closest is perhaps lager, but that’s for another day. The Alexander Shorokhoff Avant Garde Chronograph offers a unique mix of German engineering and Russian tradition. The calibre has been engineered to the highest German standards while the engravings lend the watch Russian flair and tradition.

“Dress Italian.”

There are many things Italians just do better – sports cars, art, and food. One thing else they do well is the art of dressing. Italians are known for mixing style with tangible virtues of quality, craftsmanship and design. Giuliano Mazzuoli is one such brand that shares the same ethos. The Trasmissione Meccanica Steel by Giuliano Mazzuoli is inspired by the humble gearbox, with its case modeled after a gear while the watch dial mimics the disc clutch. Mazzuoli remarked, “What is more  beautiful than mechanics? Elements designed for their function without considering in the very least their aesthetics.”

“Kiss French.”

Sensuous, elegant and romantic are but some of the words commonly used to describe the French. Incidentally, French is widely regarded as the language of love too. Sharing the same philosophy is March LA.B which produces watches that are elegant and refined in simplicity. Among the collection, the March LA.B AM1 Wine stands out with its sensuous deep shade of red. Now how about a watch that reminds us of what the French are also famous for – wine of course!

“Above all else, make a statement.”

And so, that’s what we do with these three selections:

Itay Noy Part Time Blue

Internationally acclaimed Israeli designer and watchmaker Itay Noy has been making high quality timepieces from his studio in Tel Aviv since 2000. Itay Noy’s creations are entirely handcrafted by him, making each piece unique. One watch that stands out is the Itay Noy Part Time Blue. Instead of creating a watch that tells time as a whole, Itay Noy decided to make a watch that tells time partially. The unconventional concept represents Itay Noy’s creativity as he pursues watchmaking complications.

SevenFriday M2/02

SevenFriday quite rightly made the squircle (square-circle) its signature case shape. The unconventional use of rotating discs in the M-series to indicate the current hour, minutes and seconds gives the watch dial visual depth. Drawing inspiration from industrial revolution parts made from copper and cast iron, the M2/02 from SevenFriday is a firm favourite with its monochromatic case in shades of black and grey, complemented with the accents of warm rose gold. It is no wonder the M2/02 is dubbed the gilt-edged beauty.

Heroic18 M9300

What’s more rugged than a dive tool watch? Well, one cased in bronze! And if size is a statement, then this beast of a watch is definitely a statement on the wrist. Inspired by vintage military dive watches, the Heroic18 M9300 combines modern case designs mixed with vintage styled dials. The CuSn8 bronze case will age and develop a patina when worn over time, making it unique to the wearer. The M9300 comes with a handmade crazy horse leather strap that complement well with the watch. 

“And if you must, drink Scotch.”

Well, good whisky at least! Take the time to unwind with Dad now and then, be it over a dram or something less strong.

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