The water resistance printed on the case back of a watch is often a source of confusion for many watch wearers. The common misconception is the depth printed is the literal depth a watch can go to, i.e., a watch with a 50m resistance can go up to 50m deep. This really isn’t the case. What a water resistance rating means is that the watch is able to withstand 50m worth of pressure.

As a general guideline, watches with 30m or 50m water resistance can be exposed to light splashes of water while washing hands. Watches with 100m water resistance, ideally with a screw-down crown, can be used for recreational swimming. Watches with 200m water resistance can be used for recreational diving; while watches used for professional diving should be rated to 300m or more.

How does this relate to Singapore’s weather, you ask? Well, rain or shine pretty much sums up Singapore’s climate but the unpredictability of the climate poses a conundrum for us folks when we dress for the day. As we witnessed the mercury rise mercilessly towards the end of July and the start of August, that dry spell came to an abrupt end as the heavens opened and lashed rain upon us, to the extent that some of us wished for the blazing sun again.

At times, these drastic climate changes occur in a single day. What if we’re ever caught dead in a torrential rain while wearing a watch with less than adequate water resistance? Is it able to hold up to such conditions? We picked out a few watches with 100m water resistance that we feel is well suited to face Singapore’s tropical weather head on. Why 100m? Because we’re kia si, aka better be safe than sorry! 

Schaumburg Urbanic 2

With a clean, unobtrusive dial combined with a beefy sports case, a modern sports watch is how we’d describe the Urbanic 2. Its monochromatic colour is a smart option that allows you to easily wear it to the gym, the office and finally a poolside party seamlessly. With its more-than-adequate water resistance, you needn’t be too worried in case you’re thrown into the pool as part of the party shenanigans.

Zeppelin Night Cruise

The Night Cruise by Zeppelin is aptly named for its all-black sporty design, which incidentally is one of the most popular styles in the watch market. Hints of red and white accents for the hand, day and power reserve indicators offer maximum legibility. With a water resistance of 100m and a rubber strap, it’s clearly a watch designed to take on both wet and dry weather with ease.

Junkers Tante

If you recall our previous piece on watches that could fit just about all occasions, the Tante is one that would easily fit into that category. However, since we only wanted to highlight 3 watches back then, the Tante was reserved for another time i.e., now. A beautiful corrugated dial design, a slim case profile and modest case diameter makes it an ideal everyday watch. But what seals the deal really, is the sapphire crystal and a 100m water resistance that is sure to withstand more than just a drizzle.