If you’ve ever wondered how a mechanical alarm sounds like, find out now in our video below. 

Sturmanskie Strela Alarm

The Strela Alarm by Sturmanskie holds a special place in our hearts. In this tech-driven world that we live in today, how charming is it to own a mechanical watch with an alarm complication that sounds nothing like the beeping of the alarm found in your digital or smart watch – or more commonly now, your mobile phone? As you’ve experienced first-hand, the alarm complication on the Strela Alarm sounds more like crickets chirping in the wild – and you can’t beat the nostalgia it stirs up.

Sturmanskie Strela Alarm GMT

Russian watchmaker, Sturmanskie, is perhaps best-known as the watch the first cosmonaut, Yuri Gagarin, wore to space on his historical space expedition on 12 April 1961. Till date, Sturmanskie watches' design revolves around space designs.

It wasn’t too long ago in 2015 when Sturmanskie started releasing more watches with updated designs. One particular collection that stood out was the Open Space collection, with a series of designs that were both fresh and trendy. Throw in a healthy mix of mechanical and quartz pieces, there was something for everyone looking to own a Russian watch.

Open Space Auto Bracelet

What particularly stood out for the Open Space 2015 was its sporty look. The Open Space collection tends to be more reserved but Sturmanskie opted for something drastically different in 2015. Sturmanskie bumped up the case dimensions to 42mm, threw in a steel bracelet and a pair of oversized hands for a masculine look. This was definitely one of the standout pieces from 2015. 

Sturmanskie Open Space

Open Space Quartz Chronographs

Minimalist or retro designs continue to be the go-to designs for watch manufacturers. Two pieces from the Quartz Chronograph hit the bull’s eye - one with a minimalist approach while the other was a faithful reinterpretation of a cult favourite from the early years. 

A watch with a clean, symmetrical Bauhaus-inspired dial tends to be a winning formula. Throw in a sunburst black dial and the Open Space chronograph is a smart looking accessory that complements virtually all outfits. If retro is your style, the cream dial chronograph will probably hold a stronger appeal. Inspired by the Strela Chronograph, it shares a similar dial layout with the subtle use of red print as well as the tachymeter and telemeter scales.

Sturmanskie Open Space Chronograph

Sturmanskie Open Space Chronograph