What do watches and toys have in common?  It’s a long list of similarities depending on how one views them, but one thing for sure, they both bring a smile to the collectors it’s simply fun! This is the reason that Red Army Watches (RAW) has decided to team up with Play Imaginative to do a collaboration to remind people to play once in a while, to mix seemingly irrelevant items around in the name of fun.

Fun aside, Super Alloy (www.superalloyfigure.com) by Play Imaginative is a serious grown-up collectible worthy for anyone who appreciates finer things in life. The choice is obvious now; an overpriced plastic toy or a die cast metal collectible? We chose the latter. For a limited time only, view their latest toy at Krasnaya by Red Army Watches at ION Orchard #B3-03. Grab a chance to own a Super Alloy as well with every purchase. More details can be found in-store.

Have fun, folks!

SuperAlloy A4