The celebratory spirit in the air seems stronger this February with Valentine’s Day being just a day before Lunar New Year’s eve. Planning for romantic dinners is certainly made more interesting with the traditional reunion dinner happening in the same week. If you’re busy scheduling feasts for the week, fret not as compromises can be made; dinner plans can be rescheduled; and Valentine’s Day gifts can be given in advance. Whether you’re looking for Valentine’s Day gift options or new watches to pair with your new outfits for Chinese New Year, here are some selections for you.

Corniche Watches

The local watch scene has seen an influx of minimalist, classic looking dress watches over the past few years. One such brand that continues to make an impression is Corniche Watches. Quietly going about its business, the quality and consistency demonstrated by Corniche Watches are a testament to its watch making pedigree. The introduction of the Heritage 36 collection in late 2017 complements its Heritage 40 collection perfectly. With a touch of rose gold elegance, the Taupe 36 with its nude colour way pairs nicely with just about any of her outfit, while the Midnight C1 is a handsome addition to his current collection of watches with its two-tone dial.

The Electricianz

New kid on the block, The Electricianz, displays edginess, flair and a touch of rebel spirit. The unconventional design of the dial showcases an authentic design that creatively puts forth the transmission of energy between the battery and conductors. The Mokaz exudes luxury with its velvety leather case and rose gold elements while the mysterious Blackout plays with various shades of black and grey channeling steampunk vibes. The unisex design and single case size also means that the watches can be shared easily between a couple.


Laco’s legacy in pilot watches is part of a storied history that dates back to the 1920s. Held in esteem by watch collectors, the German watchmaker continues to produce iconic pilot watches that are part of the brand’s DNA. The Augsburg 39 has a case diameter of 39mm, making it extremely wearable for ladies looking for pilot watches with a smaller dimension. The Type A dial is cleanly executed and protected with a sapphire crystal. Guys looking for tough watches, look no further; the Seven Seas will be your best companion for the great outdoors. Rated to a water resistance of 1000m, the robust tool watch with a PVD-coated case is built and designed to withstand more than just a knock. The Seven Seas is a testament that Laco isn’t a one trick pony.


If you’re looking for something on top of or other than watches, why not pick up a bracelet? Wrist accessories are not just limited to watches. Bracelets give character and swagger that instantly jazz up your outfit. SEVENFRIDAY’s bracelets are available in multiple sizes that will fit most, if not all wrist sizes. The industrial-inspired, unisex Piston, Plumber and Jumper collections each come with its own unique design aesthetic and are available in different colour variations.