How time flies, a blink of an eye and we're twenty days away from 2018. So much has happened in 2017, but let us not forget the good things. What better way to show our appreciation for the people in our lives than to give the gift of time? Our next five selection of watches are ready, let's not wait until the final days before Christmas to get a gift because time really does fly.


Worldtime on demand, with a twist of the world time bezel is how we'd describe ATOP watches. Deceptively simple to operate, the ingenious mechanism was designed in house by the watchmakers themselves. With a myriad of colour options to choose from, there's definitely one for the picky frequent flyers!

Itay Noy

Handmade with creativity, passion and love, the Part Time is made in extremely limited quantities - 24 for the world. Unique in its time telling method, the Part Time will be a nice addition for seasoned collectors. The left side of the dial indicates time for the day in the aperture while the night side remains covered. As time progresses, the night side gradually reveals its time while the day side covers up. The minutes are read off the centre hand on the dial. The Part Time is complicated but a smart idea developed by Israeli watchmaker Itay Noy.

Vostok Europe

The Energia personifies and archetypal Vostok Europe watch: bold, masculine and ready to take on extremes. Housed in a brand new case and equipped with a new automatic movement, the Energia is equipped to brace all conditions with you.


Looking for avant garde statement pieces? Look no further than Azimuth's Twin Turbo. Made with race cars inspirations, the Twin Turbo houses two indepedent vintage Cartier movements which doubles up as a GMT watch. The anthracite top flips open to reveal the unique case construction of the watch.


Bauhaus designed watches have been in vogue for the past few years and its popularity doesn't seem to slow down. The Zeppelin Flatline is clean, unobtrusive and modern making it an ideal everyday watch. Designed with an asymmetric dial, the oversized power reserve indicator and 24 hour counters doesn't clutter the beautiful sunburst anthracite dial.