The final five days before Christmas are the busiest period for gift shopping. It also marks the last issue of our Christmas selections. Having covered 20 different watches from each of our 20 different brands over the past four weeks, we selected five watches that deserve a closer look at. Before we go, we'd like to wish everyone a Merry Jolly Christmas and a Happy New Year.

The Electricianz

Making its debut in time for Christmas is The Dresscode by The Electricianz - a brand new to Red Army Watches. Born with cutting edge design, the watch intertwines the values of Swiss luxury horology and a fierce spirit of independence and style.



The saying “A classic never goes out of style” rings true for the P1B/1 Evo. With 5 different series in SEVENFRIDAY’s brand lineup, the P1B/1 Evo remains a classic that represents SEVENFRIDAY’s design ethos and identity. With its chrome and black coloured multilayered dial, the watch is housed in the brands signature Squircle case which fans of the brand can instantly identify with. 

Itay Noy

The X-Ray is Itay Noy’s interpretation and concept of a skeleton watch. Instead of producing an actual skeleton watch, he highlights the movements of the watch in the form of vector outlines. Handmade to 99 pieces worldwide, the silver outlines shimmer nicely as it catches light, making it a truly unique piece to own.

Alexander Shorokhoff

The Babylonian II was greeted with great fanfare when it was launched two years ago. Despite not being a recent release, the Babylonian II still remains one of our most popular pieces. The hand engravings, visible through a glass dial, continues to wow its audiences with its beauty.


The LACO Erbstuck isn’t a watch that will appeal to all watch consumers but lovers of vintage watches can definitely relate to it. The Erbstuck pieces are unique, featuring distressed elements visible on the watch case, dial and patina to mimic vintage pilot watches. Each watch is made individually by hand, so no two pieces are identical.