Think of mechanical watches and a myriad of minuscule components come to mind. Screws, jewels, cogs and coils work in tandem, recording passing seconds with every move. Oftentimes, the beauty these intricacies hold is hidden from view in most watches that we stop to admire. But sometimes, these mechanisms are visible either partially or in their full glory. Come journey with us through our looking glass as we zoom in on the eye-catching details of some watches with interesting visual elements that you can find at Red Army Watches…

Poljot International Basilika Tourbillon

Made in Germany, the Basilika Tourbillon features a power reserve indicator and a day/night indicator on top of the 1-minute flying tourbillon. Spanning almost half the watch dial, the tourbillon is a stunning complication to admire as it appears to levitate while beating effortlessly.

Schaumburg Unikatorium

Intricately engraved and skeletonised, the Unikatorium is a work of art that highlights the German brand’s dedication and passion in watchmaking. Rhodium plated on the dial side and gold plated on the reverse side, the two-tone finishing offers contrasting views of the movement.


The watch needs no introduction as you’ve probably seen and read about it before. As the brand’s very first watch to be fitted with a translucent nylon animation ring, the S1/01 also features a reworked dial that offers greater depth to its multilayered watch dial.