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Alexander Shorokhov founded the brand Alexander Shorokhoff in 2003, nine years after establishing Poljot International in 1994. After a successful stint at watch manufactory Poljot International, Shorokhov was driven to set up his own company in his pursuit for higher standards of quality, workmanship and design.

Alexander Shorokhoff Leo Tolstoy

Russian German Style

Based in the small idyllic town of Alzenau, Bavaria Germany, Alexander Shorokhov opted to name his eponymous brand Alexander Shorokhoff. The double “ff” at the end emphasizes his Russian roots and the brand’s historic background. As a world citizen, Shorokhov’s watches feature an eclectic mix of ideas and inspirations. His greatest source of inspiration, however, stems from his Russian roots – Alexander was born in Moscow, Russia. The brand artfully combines rich and deeply pronounced Russian millennial art and cultural history with German precision and engineering prowess. The result is three main collections in the brand: (1) Heritage, (2) Avant-garde and (3) Vintage; each with its own unique identity

Art on the wrist

The slogan Art on the wrist was coined to convey perception, inspiration and emotions via unique and creative expressions in form of a watch. At Alexander Shorokhoff, watches are not only timepieces – it is a window to offer a glimpse into watchmakers’ souls where creativity comes true. The Heritage collection is a direct tribute to Russian art and culture of the 19th century such as Tolstoy and Tchaikovsky. The Avant-garde collection, on the other hand, concentrates solely on design combining Russian suprematism (geometric shapes painted in a limited range of colors) with various design forms and elements. The Vintage collection resides within the Avant-garde collection. It celebrates watches of the days of yore, not only in its design but also through the use of watch movements with historical value or which are no longer in production.

Alexander Shorokhoff Winter

Obsession for perfection

A signature of Alexander Shorokhoff is the brand’s relentless pursuit for perfection. With a great emphasis placed on quality, art and workmanship of the watch, each Alexander Shorokhoff watch is made by a single watchmaker from start to finish. The watchmakers are responsible for hand refining the watch movements to assembling the watch and finally regulating and testing the watch. Each watch warranty bears the signature of the watchmaker with other technical recordings of the watch.

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Microbrands form a niche segment in the watch industry that has been long dominated by brands with years of expertise, tradition and history. The past decade has seen the rise of microbrands as they gain traction in the watch industry due to a variety of reasons including, but not limited to the oft-batted around consumer fatigue with overpriced luxury watches; the lowered barriers to entry for watch production; the Internet and the rise of interest groups on Facebook enabling easier and rapid sharing of knowledge and information; the availability of platforms such as Kickstarter to obtain funding and facilitate selling of microbrands.

So what is a good microbrand watch to add to your collection? We give you 3 reasons why you should pick something from homegrown microbrand, Zelos Watches.

Local Brand with Global Appeal

Founded in Singapore, Zelos Watches went against the odds and banished misconceptions of micro brands when it made its mark in the watch industry after bursting on the scene in 2014. With the help of Kickstarter, Zelos Watches announced itself onto the big stage when its first three models: Helmsman, Chroma and Abyss garnered legendary status for their individual target fundings – 273%, 350% and 650% respectively. Achieving these figures wasn’t down to luck or coincidence; Zelos had established itself as a cult brand in the making. 

Build Quality 

If we needed to sum up Zelos Watches’ blueprint for success simply, it would be that the brand focuses on conceptualising, designing and manufacturing well made watches. By sticking to these basics, Zelos Watches essentially makes watches that people want to wear. With the foundations laid in the brand’s formative years, Zelos Watches has since evolved and started to incorporate cutting edge materials, such as meteorite dials, Damascus steel and ceramic bezel inserts into its newer watch designs.

Edgy Designs

Watch manufacturers with age-old histories generally have forged-and-stuck-to unique identities, from which they do not deviate significantly. Microbrands, on the other hand, are afforded the luxury to freely experiment with different watch designs, shapes or styles. This fluidity often results in edgy designs that are like a breath of fresh air in the watch community.

Zelos Hammerhead "Road Trip"

Take the Zelos Hammerhead, for example. Already a success on its own, an exclusive limited edition of this popular, utilitarian dive tool watch was recently launched in collaboration with Watch Wonderland, Red Army Watches’ latest brainchild. Finished in Zelos’ signature bronze case, the Zelos x Watch Wonderland Hammerhead 1000m ‘Road Trip’ is styled after the café racers of the 60s and draws inspiration partly from Jack Kerouac’s “On the Road”.

Curious to find out more? Head over here!

To pre-order:

About Watch Wonderland

Watch Wonderland, a revolutionary concept in timepiece retail, aims to revive the fun in watch collecting. The curation process is a deliberate one, which focuses on a balance between interesting aesthetics and build quality. Watch Wonderland promises to redefine experiential retail, and seeks to entice new and seasoned collectors alike.

Watch Wonderland is located at Suntec City and will open early November 2017.



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LACO Blaue Stunde

Mention “pilot watches” and immediately, a few brands spring to mind. LACO is definitely one of them. But it isn’t just another pilot watchmaker. Here are 3 reasons why you should pick LACO.

1. Rich history

LACO Uhrenmanufaktur was founded in 1925 in the idyllic town of Pforzheim, Black Forest. In the 1940s, LACO was one of five manufacturers commissioned by the Ministry of Aviation to produce chronometer watches for the German Air Force. The watches bear the engraving “FL 23883” on the case to certify them as navigation devices. Its storied history has led LACO to become inextricably linked to pilot watches.

2. Made in Germany

The “Made in Germany” tag is often associated with first-class workmanship, innovative technology or high precision. With its small but experienced team of watchmakers, LACO focuses on producing handmade watches with an emphasis on quality – and not quantity – to honour the “Made in Germany” tag. 

3. More than just pilot watches

Though LACO has deep histories with the German Air Force, it isn’t a one trick pony limited to producing pilot watches. Pilot watches, without a doubt, form the core collection of LACO but the watchmaker also produces other collections ranging from reinterpreted aviator watches, purist Bauhaus style watches, and sporty chronographs to rugged military watches. There’s definitely something for everyone from LACO.


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