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Alexander Shorokhov founded the brand Alexander Shorokhoff in 2003, nine years after establishing Poljot International in 1994. After a successful stint at watch manufactory Poljot International, Shorokhov was driven to set up his own company in his pursuit for higher standards of quality, workmanship and design.

Alexander Shorokhoff Leo Tolstoy

Russian German Style

Based in the small idyllic town of Alzenau, Bavaria Germany, Alexander Shorokhov opted to name his eponymous brand Alexander Shorokhoff. The double “ff” at the end emphasizes his Russian roots and the brand’s historic background. As a world citizen, Shorokhov’s watches feature an eclectic mix of ideas and inspirations. His greatest source of inspiration, however, stems from his Russian roots – Alexander was born in Moscow, Russia. The brand artfully combines rich and deeply pronounced Russian millennial art and cultural history with German precision and engineering prowess. The result is three main collections in the brand: (1) Heritage, (2) Avant-garde and (3) Vintage; each with its own unique identity

Art on the wrist

The slogan Art on the wrist was coined to convey perception, inspiration and emotions via unique and creative expressions in form of a watch. At Alexander Shorokhoff, watches are not only timepieces – it is a window to offer a glimpse into watchmakers’ souls where creativity comes true. The Heritage collection is a direct tribute to Russian art and culture of the 19th century such as Tolstoy and Tchaikovsky. The Avant-garde collection, on the other hand, concentrates solely on design combining Russian suprematism (geometric shapes painted in a limited range of colors) with various design forms and elements. The Vintage collection resides within the Avant-garde collection. It celebrates watches of the days of yore, not only in its design but also through the use of watch movements with historical value or which are no longer in production.

Alexander Shorokhoff Winter

Obsession for perfection

A signature of Alexander Shorokhoff is the brand’s relentless pursuit for perfection. With a great emphasis placed on quality, art and workmanship of the watch, each Alexander Shorokhoff watch is made by a single watchmaker from start to finish. The watchmakers are responsible for hand refining the watch movements to assembling the watch and finally regulating and testing the watch. Each watch warranty bears the signature of the watchmaker with other technical recordings of the watch.

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Watches 101 - Movement

10/9/17 3:51 PM

Introducing a new mini-series - Watches 101 where we highlight the different components found in a watch. Along the way, we'll cover names of different components, common misunderstandings and how some of these components work. We kick off the series with a segment on Watch Movements in the video below.

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Microbrands form a niche segment in the watch industry that has been long dominated by brands with years of expertise, tradition and history. The past decade has seen the rise of microbrands as they gain traction in the watch industry due to a variety of reasons including, but not limited to the oft-batted around consumer fatigue with overpriced luxury watches; the lowered barriers to entry for watch production; the Internet and the rise of interest groups on Facebook enabling easier and rapid sharing of knowledge and information; the availability of platforms such as Kickstarter to obtain funding and facilitate selling of microbrands.

So what is a good microbrand watch to add to your collection? We give you 3 reasons why you should pick something from homegrown microbrand, Zelos Watches.

Local Brand with Global Appeal

Founded in Singapore, Zelos Watches went against the odds and banished misconceptions of micro brands when it made its mark in the watch industry after bursting on the scene in 2014. With the help of Kickstarter, Zelos Watches announced itself onto the big stage when its first three models: Helmsman, Chroma and Abyss garnered legendary status for their individual target fundings – 273%, 350% and 650% respectively. Achieving these figures wasn’t down to luck or coincidence; Zelos had established itself as a cult brand in the making. 

Build Quality 

If we needed to sum up Zelos Watches’ blueprint for success simply, it would be that the brand focuses on conceptualising, designing and manufacturing well made watches. By sticking to these basics, Zelos Watches essentially makes watches that people want to wear. With the foundations laid in the brand’s formative years, Zelos Watches has since evolved and started to incorporate cutting edge materials, such as meteorite dials, Damascus steel and ceramic bezel inserts into its newer watch designs.

Edgy Designs

Watch manufacturers with age-old histories generally have forged-and-stuck-to unique identities, from which they do not deviate significantly. Microbrands, on the other hand, are afforded the luxury to freely experiment with different watch designs, shapes or styles. This fluidity often results in edgy designs that are like a breath of fresh air in the watch community.

Zelos Hammerhead "Road Trip"

Take the Zelos Hammerhead, for example. Already a success on its own, an exclusive limited edition of this popular, utilitarian dive tool watch was recently launched in collaboration with Watch Wonderland, Red Army Watches’ latest brainchild. Finished in Zelos’ signature bronze case, the Zelos x Watch Wonderland Hammerhead 1000m ‘Road Trip’ is styled after the café racers of the 60s and draws inspiration partly from Jack Kerouac’s “On the Road”.

Curious to find out more? Head over here!

To pre-order:

About Watch Wonderland

Watch Wonderland, a revolutionary concept in timepiece retail, aims to revive the fun in watch collecting. The curation process is a deliberate one, which focuses on a balance between interesting aesthetics and build quality. Watch Wonderland promises to redefine experiential retail, and seeks to entice new and seasoned collectors alike.

Watch Wonderland is located at Suntec City and will open early November 2017.



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If you’ve ever wondered how a mechanical alarm sounds like, find out now in our video below. 

Sturmanskie Strela Alarm

The Strela Alarm by Sturmanskie holds a special place in our hearts. In this tech-driven world that we live in today, how charming is it to own a mechanical watch with an alarm complication that sounds nothing like the beeping of the alarm found in your digital or smart watch – or more commonly now, your mobile phone? As you’ve experienced first-hand, the alarm complication on the Strela Alarm sounds more like crickets chirping in the wild – and you can’t beat the nostalgia it stirs up.

Sturmanskie Strela Alarm GMT

Russian watchmaker, Sturmanskie, is perhaps best-known as the watch the first cosmonaut, Yuri Gagarin, wore to space on his historical space expedition on 12 April 1961. Till date, Sturmanskie watches' design revolves around space designs.

It wasn’t too long ago in 2015 when Sturmanskie started releasing more watches with updated designs. One particular collection that stood out was the Open Space collection, with a series of designs that were both fresh and trendy. Throw in a healthy mix of mechanical and quartz pieces, there was something for everyone looking to own a Russian watch.

Open Space Auto Bracelet

What particularly stood out for the Open Space 2015 was its sporty look. The Open Space collection tends to be more reserved but Sturmanskie opted for something drastically different in 2015. Sturmanskie bumped up the case dimensions to 42mm, threw in a steel bracelet and a pair of oversized hands for a masculine look. This was definitely one of the standout pieces from 2015. 

Sturmanskie Open Space

Open Space Quartz Chronographs

Minimalist or retro designs continue to be the go-to designs for watch manufacturers. Two pieces from the Quartz Chronograph hit the bull’s eye - one with a minimalist approach while the other was a faithful reinterpretation of a cult favourite from the early years. 

A watch with a clean, symmetrical Bauhaus-inspired dial tends to be a winning formula. Throw in a sunburst black dial and the Open Space chronograph is a smart looking accessory that complements virtually all outfits. If retro is your style, the cream dial chronograph will probably hold a stronger appeal. Inspired by the Strela Chronograph, it shares a similar dial layout with the subtle use of red print as well as the tachymeter and telemeter scales.

Sturmanskie Open Space Chronograph

Sturmanskie Open Space Chronograph

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LACO Blaue Stunde

Mention “pilot watches” and immediately, a few brands spring to mind. LACO is definitely one of them. But it isn’t just another pilot watchmaker. Here are 3 reasons why you should pick LACO.

1. Rich history

LACO Uhrenmanufaktur was founded in 1925 in the idyllic town of Pforzheim, Black Forest. In the 1940s, LACO was one of five manufacturers commissioned by the Ministry of Aviation to produce chronometer watches for the German Air Force. The watches bear the engraving “FL 23883” on the case to certify them as navigation devices. Its storied history has led LACO to become inextricably linked to pilot watches.

2. Made in Germany

The “Made in Germany” tag is often associated with first-class workmanship, innovative technology or high precision. With its small but experienced team of watchmakers, LACO focuses on producing handmade watches with an emphasis on quality – and not quantity – to honour the “Made in Germany” tag. 

3. More than just pilot watches

Though LACO has deep histories with the German Air Force, it isn’t a one trick pony limited to producing pilot watches. Pilot watches, without a doubt, form the core collection of LACO but the watchmaker also produces other collections ranging from reinterpreted aviator watches, purist Bauhaus style watches, and sporty chronographs to rugged military watches. There’s definitely something for everyone from LACO.


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Rain or Shine...

8/2/17 4:08 PM

The water resistance printed on the case back of a watch is often a source of confusion for many watch wearers. The common misconception is the depth printed is the literal depth a watch can go to, i.e., a watch with a 50m resistance can go up to 50m deep. This really isn’t the case. What a water resistance rating means is that the watch is able to withstand 50m worth of pressure.

As a general guideline, watches with 30m or 50m water resistance can be exposed to light splashes of water while washing hands. Watches with 100m water resistance, ideally with a screw-down crown, can be used for recreational swimming. Watches with 200m water resistance can be used for recreational diving; while watches used for professional diving should be rated to 300m or more.

How does this relate to Singapore’s weather, you ask? Well, rain or shine pretty much sums up Singapore’s climate but the unpredictability of the climate poses a conundrum for us folks when we dress for the day. As we witnessed the mercury rise mercilessly towards the end of July and the start of August, that dry spell came to an abrupt end as the heavens opened and lashed rain upon us, to the extent that some of us wished for the blazing sun again.

At times, these drastic climate changes occur in a single day. What if we’re ever caught dead in a torrential rain while wearing a watch with less than adequate water resistance? Is it able to hold up to such conditions? We picked out a few watches with 100m water resistance that we feel is well suited to face Singapore’s tropical weather head on. Why 100m? Because we’re kia si, aka better be safe than sorry! 

Schaumburg Urbanic 2

With a clean, unobtrusive dial combined with a beefy sports case, a modern sports watch is how we’d describe the Urbanic 2. Its monochromatic colour is a smart option that allows you to easily wear it to the gym, the office and finally a poolside party seamlessly. With its more-than-adequate water resistance, you needn’t be too worried in case you’re thrown into the pool as part of the party shenanigans.

Zeppelin Night Cruise

The Night Cruise by Zeppelin is aptly named for its all-black sporty design, which incidentally is one of the most popular styles in the watch market. Hints of red and white accents for the hand, day and power reserve indicators offer maximum legibility. With a water resistance of 100m and a rubber strap, it’s clearly a watch designed to take on both wet and dry weather with ease.

Junkers Tante

If you recall our previous piece on watches that could fit just about all occasions, the Tante is one that would easily fit into that category. However, since we only wanted to highlight 3 watches back then, the Tante was reserved for another time i.e., now. A beautiful corrugated dial design, a slim case profile and modest case diameter makes it an ideal everyday watch. But what seals the deal really, is the sapphire crystal and a 100m water resistance that is sure to withstand more than just a drizzle.

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As we celebrate our nation’s 52nd birthday, we take time to celebrate all things Singapore. With National Day falling on 9th of August, here are 9 things Singaporean about Red Army Watches aka RAW.

1.   RAW is first and foremost a homegrown watch retailer, borne out of a passion for mechanical watches – and for fanning the flames of this passion in Singapore and the region. From our first store in Millenia Walk in 2004 (where we still are, to this day), we now have 4 stores in Singapore, 4 in Malaysia, 3 in Indonesia, 1 in Brunei – and our very own e-store ( And we remain constantly on the lookout for new places to set up exciting new concepts to make watch shopping relevant and fun for you!

2.   RAW is a strong supporter of local brands. Longtime stalwart of the Singapore watch industry, Azimuth, has its very first store-in-store in Krasnaya at ION Orchard. Other Singapore watch and accessories brands in RAW’s portfolio include popular microbrand Zelos Watches, J.Monteiro, Orodeus, The J.Myers Company, to name but a few. 

3.   RAW’s support for all things local extends beyond watch and watch accessory brands. Did you know? RAW’s Krasnaya was conceptualised as a Watch Art Gallery and we worked with local artists to come up with its unique interior design. We also had the good fortune to work with renowned visual engineer, Clog Two, through SEVENFRIDAY Singapore to produce our very own artwork.

Azimuth Crazy Rider

Azimuth Crazy Rider

4.   Azimuth is perhaps the godfather of all Singapore based watch brands. Their founders Christopher and Alvin defied the odds, blazing the path for future local watch brands. Several pieces in the Azimuth collection pay tribute to Singapore such as the Back in Time Singapore editions. Did you know the Azimuth logo is an abstract interpretation of a mechanical watch’s hairspring? It exemplifies Azimuth’s strength in creating mechanical watches. 

5.   Elshan Tang founded Zelos with a belief that great timepiece designs should not be confined to luxury brands. Zelos launched 3 models on Kickstarter – first with the Helmsman, followed by the Chroma and the Abyss. The Abyss garnered a whopping 650% of its campaign target funding.

6.   Singapore’s very own King of Jazz, Jeremy Monteiro, founded and launched his own eponymous watch collection in 2016. Being a renowned jazz pianist, the ebony and ivory coloured dials of the J. Monteiro watches represent the piano keys. His passion for watches started when his father presented him with a Tissot watch when he turned 16. Jeremy went on to do the same when his own son turned 16 as well.

Orodeus OD1-5

7.   Orodeus is a fairly new kid on the Singapore watch brand block. The homeboy is unpretentious – stating upfront that there is no history, no vision to it; rather Orodeus is simply an enigma of sorts… Did you know? The protagonist on Orodeus’s comic inspired box is Captain OD, flanked alongside him is his intelligent pet robodog, Deus. The shield Captain OD is holding is the shape of the watch’s automatic winding rotor.

J. Myers Brusso Strap and watch holder

8.   The J. Myers Company is home to a team of leather artisans, dedicating their passion to producing handmade leather goods in Singapore. In a workshop tucked away in heritage-steeped Joo Chiat is where Kenneth, Jeremiah and Khairul craft the handmade pieces. Red Army Watches is extremely proud to be able to commission a selection of watch straps and watch holders made from the finest leather. Be sure to check out the exclusive collection in any of our Red Army Watches boutiques.

9.   Red Army Watches has collaborated with STOWA, one of the five original manufacturers and suppliers of pilot watches to the German air force, to produce limited edition watches only for the Singapore market. Thus far 2 collections inspired by Singapore’s heritage have been released. The first being the Lady Chin Swee Flieger edition inspired by oriental pin-up girls released in 2014, followed by the Singapura Red Hill Marine edition that retells the legend of Bukit Merah released 2 years later.

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The world of watches is an interesting one, with THE exhibition of the industry, BaselWorld, taking place in March accompanied by a flurry of activities on magazines and watch blogs. But new arrivals showcased during BaselWorld typically only start appearing in shops from June onwards, at the earliest. So while this piece might seem long overdue, it's actually quite timely.

We can’t help denying that it is with a ripple of excitement that we unveil the BaselWorld 2017 watches from Vostok Europe. Let’s dive in for a quick look at the new collections.


The Energia is without a doubt the major release for Vostok Europe in 2017. After making its debut 9 years ago, Vostok Europe has re-released the Energia with several updates such as an integrated helium release valve, a tritium pearl encased in a sapphire capsule on the rotating bezel, tritium tubes laid in v-shaped reflective holders for maximum illumination and a set of redesigned lugs.

Energia PVD

Energia Bronze

Energia Stainless Steel

The Energia is currently available in stainless steel, PVD or bronze cases. Each Energia watch comes in its very own XL dry box, which can be repurposed as a watch storage case, strap changing tool and a set of leather and silicone straps.


The multi-functional Lunokhod 2 gets a cleaner dial layout, thanks to its new movement, the S. Epson YM86. The movement features a perpetual calendar with date, month and leap year indication on the inner chapter ring, a day register, a 24-hour chronograph and an alarm function. The multi-functional Lunokhod 2 is available in PVD Yellow, Stainless Steel Yellow and Stainless Steel Orange.

 Lunokhod PVD Yellow

Lunokhod Stainless Steel Yellow

Lunokhod Stainless Steel Orange

Other new models include the Almaz bronze with 2 different dial colours – brown or grey and the Lunokhod Grand Chrono with a blue PVD case and matching blue dial and a black PVD case with a grey dial.

Almaz Bronze Grey

Lunokhod Grand Chrono Blue PVD

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Ever wished you had a watch that you could wear to all (if not most) occasions – work, parties, formal events or everything else in between? While sartorial rules have blurred over the years, you might not want to be caught dead wearing an overly chunky watch to a boardroom meeting, lest you stand out for the wrong reasons.

Fret not though; we’re here to help with three watch selections. The three watches we’ve picked measure 40mm in diameter and are cased in stainless steel, versatile enough for just about any occasion.

Corniche Heritage 40 Visage No. 2

The Visage is unmistakably formal looking, thanks to its sharp dauphine hands and slim profile. The Visage definitely looks the part when worn under a sleek suit for the office or boardroom meetings. However, don’t be afraid to dress it down. The applied Arabic numerals has a sort of playful tone that brings down the formality by just a notch, making it a good option for smart casual outfits as well. Its neutral grey ensemble is versatile enough to match most colours in your #OOTD. 

March LA.B AM1 Forest

The AM1 Forest by French makers March LA.B is perhaps the watch you could wear to all occasions. The watch is rated to 100 meters of water resistance so go ahead and have drinks in the swimming pool at the beach bar, wearing the AM1 Forest on your wrist. Its dark green coloured dial and steel bracelet makes it a fail-safe option when matching with various outfits for work, play, or formal events. The watchcase is a far cry from the usual watchcases with its multi faceted design, making it an excellent conversation starter at dour meetings.

Junkers Bauhaus

As the name suggests, the Bauhaus is minimalistic by nature. Its retro design references and colour combination of silver and rose gold makes it the least formal looking of the lot. While it feels most at home when paired with casual shirts and denim or chino pants, you could still wear it for formal occasions with a simple trick. Depending on your outfit, a switch to a darker coloured strap would transform the Bauhaus to a dressy option for formal events. Its slim case allows it to slip under a cuff effortlessly as well.

To end, we would not recommend wearing the Visage or Bauhaus for sportier occasions due to the nature of the watchcase construction. The slim case profile of both watches and lower water resistance make them less robust, and more susceptible to damages caused by strong impacts and shocks. Well, we did say we’d recommend three watches for just about any – but not all – occasions this time!

Till next time…

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The Human Touch

11/29/16 4:18 PM

The Human Touch

When we think of machine made watches, what comes to mind is the multitude of watch components manufactured consistently to perfection; or as close to perfection as possible. While these are totally acceptable and even welcomed in certain instances, there are some who may find these watches devoid of soul.

Handmade watches, on the other hand, are different. It has the soul and character of its maker and reflects the watchmaker’s creative process. What may seem like imperfections or inconsistencies are in fact variations inherent in a handmade item. No two pieces are made identical as a result.

Let’s take a closer look at three handmade watches from Red Army Watches’ collection.

Traveller by Schaumburg Watches

The Traveller is aptly named, thanks to the GMT counter at the 3 o’clock position. It allows the wearer to keep track of time in a different time zone. The watch dial is legible without superfluous details on the dial, something German watchmakers have understood and mastered.

Flipping the watch over is where the magic unfolds. The flinqué, perlage and engraved balance cork combine to form a stunning view of the beautifully hand decorated movement. Much of this is credited to master engraver Jochen Benzinger. Jochen specializes in the art of hand finishing, be it skeletonising, engraving or guilloché. He is part of the dynamic duo behind Grieb & Benzinger renowned for their luxury project watches. Schaumburg Watches and Benzinger have worked on a series of watches and this beauty here is one of them.

Carrara by Giuliano Mazzuoli

The case of the Giuliano Mazzuoli Carrara is made of Carrara marble, universally regarded as the most prestigious marble in the world. It was the very same marble Michelangelo used to create the stunning sculpture of David that proudly stands at the Galleria dell’Accademia of Florence – incidentally also where Mazzuoli hails from. Carrara marbles are characterised by the white color and dark gray veins of varying tones.

Each watchcase is handmade in Italy by master marble workers; first milled to the desired shape before being polished and buffed till it is soft and smooth to the touch. As no two blocks of marbles are the same, the resulting watchcases are unique.

ChronoGears by Itay Noy

The ChronoGears is one of Itay Noy’s latest creations, fresh from BaselWorld 2106. Apart from telling time traditionally through the hour, minutes and seconds hands, there are two ChronoGears that rotate around the dial clockwise and contains a central hand, the pointer. While one ChronoGear indicates 24 hours (am-pm) on the lower half of the dial, the second ChronoGear indicates 8 time situations – dawn, morning, noon, after noon, dusk, evening, midnight and night – on the upper half of the dial.

Itay Noy takes pride in the creation of his watches in Tel Aviv, Israel. He personally hand makes his watches, from the cutting of the hour indexes, to painting the watch dial or refining the watch movements. The ChronoGears is limited to 24 pieces worldwide; the plate depicting the serial number proudly sits at the bottom half of the dial.

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Beyond Watches

10/25/16 2:10 PM

More often than not, the watch is the star on the wrist. It receives the most amounts of envious stares, oohs and ahhs; less so for its trusty sidekick - the strap. Like any great film, the lead actor/actress is as important as his/her support. The chemistry shared and the ways they complement each other allow magic to happen. That is true for watches too. A cheap flimsy strap might not do the watch justice but a beautiful calf leather strap, for instance, can elevate an average looking watch to a great looking watch.

Switching straps is a cost effective way to update or refresh the look of a watch. The choice of strap type, material or colour is a reflection of the wearer’s character.

We curated a few watches from our Red Army Watches boutiques and switched up the straps a little. We hope you enjoy the combinations as much as we enjoyed putting these together for you.

Paloma Beach by Corniche Watches

The Paloma Beach is Corniche’s latest addition. Limited to just 499 individually numbered pieces, it features a steel and ceramic two-tone dial complemented by the classic tricolour at six o’clock. The watch is paired with a midnight blue calf strap with crocodile embossing. The strap complements the blue steel hands and balances the coolness of the stainless steel case and two-tone dial watch dial.

Paired with a dark brown Hirsch Osiris strap, the strap is discreet with its fine pored leather upper, tone on tone seams and slight sheen. The result is every bit classic and understated.

The vegetable-tanned Hirsch Lucca strap is hand-lacquered to give it a nice sheen. It has a pull up effect that reveals lighter shades of brown as evident in the upper half of the strap. The effect intensifies as the strap is used over time, lending some flamboyance to the Corniche Paloma Beach.

Avant Garde Chronograph by Alexander Shorokhoff

The Alexander Shorokhoff Avant Garde Chronograph can be regarded as a sporty watch with its two-counter chronograph configuration. The watch dial is clean with oversized indexes in an iconic panda colour way. The tumbled black leather strap with contrast stitching matches the sporty appeal of the watch. The strap is exceeding supple as it is made from the same leather used by revered French fashion house, Hermès.

The chestnut coloured suede strap by Jean Paul Menicucci personifies casual Italian flair perfect for the weekends. It pairs well with the eggshell colour of the watch dial but yet doesn’t clash with the black chronograph counters.

The Hirsch James strapped on might seem like an ordinary strap at first glance. It is, however, a highly technical strap newly developed by Hirsch. As part of the Hirsch Performance collection, classic leather is combined with premium caoutchouc to give high standards of functionality, comfort, aesthetics and longevity.


Part of its fourth collection, the Q3/01 by SEVENFRIDAY is given a slight facelift with the regulator style configuration and date window. The racing inspired piece is paired with a black calf leather strap. Its no nonsense restrained appeal allows the subtle details of the watch to shine.

We created a custom metal bracelet made to fit all SEVENFRIDAY watches for good measure. The sleekness and hypoallergenic nature is a big plus for wearers. The two types of finishings Рbrushed and polished Рalternating with each other on the links is similar to the finishing of SEVENFRIDAY watches. The heft of the bracelet is inherent from solid links making up the metal bracelet. 
Completing the metal bracelet is a top grade, two-sided DP buckle. The bracelet is available in black PVD (as pictured), stainless steel and rose gold.

Black and blue is a combination that shouldn’t work in theory, but if done correctly, it’s often to the benefit of both. Black looks more intense next to navy; that’s why we threw on a pair of Tunx Santo. Entirely handmade from start to finish, the strap is dyed to a deep shade of indigo with subtle shades of black, striking up a balance between the strap and the watch.

Now that you’ve had a look at some of the possibilities, what is the next strap change for your favourite timepiece?

Check out the range of watch straps we carry at Millenia Walk, Wisma Atria, ATRIX and Krasnaya at ION Orchard. Email with your enquiries.

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